Become  a Elizabeth Place Volunteer

 One of the most vital parts of our transitional program is the volunteer program. The women who are working through the Elizabeth Place program are in need of friends who will be by their side during this time of change. Become a volunteer, meet the amazing women, and witness their transformations.

Information for Elizabeth Place Volunteers

If you are interested in being a Elizabeth Place volunteer, please download and read the following  PDF  documents.

Volunteer Responsibilities Volunteer handbook

Download application forms  for  Elizabeth Place

To volunteer  for Elizabeth Place,  please download  and fill  out  the following four forms  and bring them with you when you attend  the volunteer training  session at Elizabeth Place. The forms are in  PDF format.

  1.  Volunteer Application form
  2. Volunteer Confidential  Agreement form
  3. Volunteer Contract form
  4. Volunteer Waiver Release form
  • Make  a donation to Hospitality House

We encourage individuals to give a monthly gift of $25.00 or more, or business and civic organizations to give a monthly or annual financial gift. This demonstrates community support for our grantors.  For additional information on making a donation to Hospitality House, please check out our Donation Page.

Donations We Accept

Cleaning products:
Laundry Soap (Liquid)
Liquid Dishwasher Detergent
Liquid Hand Soap (no bars)
Dish Soap
Toilet Cleaner
Clorox Wipes
Lysol Spray
All-Purpose Cleaner
Grocery store bought items that keep
Specifically: staples such as flour, sugar, etc.
Cooked food that can be warmed up
Body wash
Kitchen Needs:
Quart & Sandwich Plastic Bags
Large Black Trash Bags (30 gallon)
White Kitchen Trash Bags (13 gallon)
Saran Wrap
Gift Cards:
Food: Kroger or Save-A-Lot
Home repairs: Lowes
Gas: Any gas station
Clothing: Walmart
Things we always need:
oilet paper---personal care items such as tooth
Paper Towels, brushes, floss, shampoos, etc.
Paper napkins
Toilet and kitchen cleaners
Paper plates
Plastic silverware for special events
Soap: hand soaps, dish washing soaps, dish washer soap, laundry soap.
Trash bags: large and small
Air fresheners
Food items: butter, milk, orange juice, soups, frozen vegetables, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, hot dog buns, chili beans, chili seasonings
All other items can be dropped off at 108 E. College Street, Georgetown, Ky. If no one is there, please go to 110 E. Main St., to our Administrative Offices in Thoroughbred Engineering. Thank you for your support of Hospitality House! We greatly appreciate your desire to be of service to the homeless women and children of Scott County.